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Crossing the divide – let’s start with films April 19, 2008

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With Khuda Ke Liye marking the beginning of screening of a Pakistani movie in India, let’s hope for more and more collaboration of the two. The war of 1965 blocked all ways of sharing between the two nations but the cover is getting unveiled slowly.
AFTER FOUR decades, ‘khuda ke liye’ has become first Pakistani film to release in India. ‘Khuda ke liye’ is a story of two brothers; one is radical and the other a liberal. Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah plays the central character and the film is directed by debutant Shoaib Mansoor. He is the director, composer, writer and producer of this film.  
‘Khuda ke liye’ released in Pakistan a year before and this was one of the most successful films of Pakistan and also won an international prize.  
As we all know that India and Pakistan have the same culture and almost the same language but since the war of 1965, Pakistan had banned the screening of Indian cinema in its country and India followed the same. But now with the improvement of real actions between both the nations, there has been little improvement in this section too. Indian films like ‘Tare Zameen par’, ‘Race’ and ‘Goal’ got screened in Pakistan.
Pakistan’s ban on Indian films affected the Pakistani film industry, Lollywood, adversely. While Indian film industry became the largest film making industry of the world, producing 900 to 1000 films in a year, Pakistan is stuck with only 20 to 25. Pakistan is a good market for Indian film as the people there love watching Indian films. Even when the movies were banned, people used to view pirated Indian film CD or DVD at homes.

Allowing the screening of films will be beneficial for both the countries but since the Indian films market is huge as compared to that of the Pakistan, the Indian industry would benefit more. Pakistan will be a huge market for the Indian film industry.



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