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His story after history April 19, 2008

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Shoaib Mansoor, the director of Khuda Key Liye, spoke about his passions and peeves to Ranjib Mazumder

He calls himself Shoman, (which are actually the initials of his name Shoaib Mansoor) and hates the media glare on him. When all the media cameras were seen hounding the stars of his much acclaimed film Khuda Ke Liye, this man prefers to sit in a corner with a smile on his face.

Getting to interview this man, who was turning away his face from every television camera present in the room, seemed to be an impossible task at first. But when he spoke, he spoke a lot.

“I think, Indian people still think that Pakistan is full of mullahs and moulabis preaching religious dictates which actually is not the case. We are just like you. We are modern and broadminded too and cities like Lahore or Karachi is like any other Indian city. Yes, I do agree that there are some characters in our country like the Mullah in the movie but they are a small group. I am sure there are religious extremist people in India too,” he said confidently.

He does not believe that there is any difference between the two countries when it comes to the audiences’ mind-set. “We share a common history and we all are human begins too, changing with the changing value system,” the director added.

Films in the Pakistan film industry (sometimes referred to as Lollywood) are usually made in two languages: Punjabi and Pashto.

According to Shoaib, it’s high time that Pakistan starts making films in Urdu.

“Films which are made in these two languages in our country have cheap content,” he said without mincing words.



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