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‘Lollywood’ Hits Bollywood April 19, 2008

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“Khuda Kay Liye” Is the First Pakistani Movie to Show in India in More than 40 Years


Leaving the theater after watching the new movie, “Khuda Kay Liye,” the first Pakistani film to be released in India in more than four decades, Sahid Anmad and Samir Agarwal finally found something they could agree on involving India and Pakistan: they both loved Pakistani women.

Iman Ali

Pakistani actress Iman Ali addresses media representatives during a preview of the film “Khuda Ke… Expand

(Pal Pillai, AFP/Getty Images)
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Sure, it was easy to fall in love with Iman Ali, a real-life supermodel in Pakistan and the female star of the movie. But there was something else her character did that united these two Indian law students, one a Muslim from Kashmir, one a Hindu who firmly believed Kashmir was part of India.

“Someone who’s ready to die, someone who is a religious fanatic, he will do anything because he has nothing to lose,” Anmad told ABC News, sitting outside the theater after the first New Delhi screening of the film. “What the movie showed is that there are those of us Muslims who want what everyone else wants: to have a family. To have a good life. And to have a good woman.”

“I have a problem with Pakistani politicians,” Agarwal said, sitting next to his friend. “But I don’t have a problem with Pakistanis or with Islam. And she,” he says, referring to Ali, “she was beautiful. And she was inspiring.”



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