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Pakistani Films April 29, 2008

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What do you think of Pakistani films? Do you think they are becoming better or there are getting worse? Could we have films just like Bollywood or not? What is needed to be improved?

We look forward to your suggestions.



1. Pakistan - May 2, 2008

I am really looking forward toward to new Pakistani movies. I want Pakistani movies to have it’s own identity…not copy of bollywood or Hollywood.

Young Pakistani movie directors and producers should focus on movies with good story lines and social issues. It is very important to make movies with good quality movie equipment, video quality has to be top notch, with right technology, and good sound quality.

Focus on all 5 things which are import to produce a good movie.
1. Plot – Good Story line
2. Characters – Right actor for the right role
3. Good Actors – Lollywood, Bollywood combination or depend on the story line and setting of the movie
4. Visually Appealing – Good setting, good quality video and sound
5. Dialogue – well written script makes the movie worth seeing multiple times.

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