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Islamic countries short-film makers union denounce Fitna May 5, 2008

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Islamic countries short-film makers union severely condemned the anti-Islam film of Fitna.

The controversial anti-Quran film made by a Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders was put on internet a few weeks ago.

Wilders leading a small anti-immigration party in the country, says in his 15-minute film that the holy Quran is an extremist book.

The film has been severely slammed by Islamic countries and a majority of peace-loving states across the world.

A Pakistani film maker sent a letter to Islamic countries short-film makers’ union chief Naser Bakideh while calling for the organization to hit back showing such a film with appropriate reaction.

Wilders is deeply soaked in hatred and fear against Islam, says the film maker while adding the film should not be taken so serious.

“It seems that Europeans receiving warmly Muslims in their communities consider the film as a superficial one.”

Islamic countries short-film makers union must give a robust response to the film, said the Pakistani film maker.

Also a Pakistani lawmaker is going to fund a movie to counter the hateful propaganda against Islam organized by Wilders in his Fitna.

“This film will show Quran’s real concept of humanity and the significance of human life, said Sen. Babar Awan.

The film is likely to be screened in cinemas in Ramadan, Islamic fasting month.

Also cultural committee of Iranian critics and playwrights association held a one-day conference on anti-Fitna cinema on April 26.



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