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Musharraf is a hunk- Ms. Pakistan May 6, 2008

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Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf may be facing the heat from all corners but not from one Pakistani beauty pageant winner who says he is a “hunk”. Reigning Miss Pakistan World Mahleej Sarkari found time last week to write a post on Musharraf on the pageant’s website. “A little note to the people of Pakistan. Going to international pageants we have found out how much Musharraf is known to all beautiful young girls, the beauty queens. Some have replied, ‘Oh yes, the general man (sic)’. While others have said ‘the man who rules Pakistan’,” wrote Sarkari. “Everything positive… I think personally Musharraf Sahab is very good-looking. Some Pakistani politicians may not agree with these gorgeous women. But here they are kissing Musharraf. You know like Benazir, all men around the world thought she was a beauty, similarly Musharraf is a hunk . He has enough charisma to have young girls going nuts,” goes the beauty queen’s post. Sarkari said she would love to date Musharraf if he asked her out. “Yes, any time…I like him a lot…,” she told a news portal. Sarkari also said she thought “Mrs Musharraf would nod her head in agreement that her husband is an icon.



1. erumiqbal - May 6, 2008

insari can u plz tell me how add pictures in our post???

2. muhammed ansari - May 6, 2008

erum just copy paste the picture and it works

3. supersizeme - May 6, 2008

Uurgh! she’s ugly!!!

4. supersizeme - May 6, 2008

Even Mushy ”wouldn’t”!!

5. muhammed ansari - May 7, 2008

its all a publicity stunt as far as i think, yup she is not a true representation of pakistani beauty

6. erumiqbal - May 8, 2008

i try but i cant add pictures by copy paste plz tell me clear procedure

7. muhammed ansari - May 8, 2008

hy erum you drag your mouse onto a picture until it goes blue and after that right click copy then paste hope that helps

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