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A Night to Remeber so long_Lollywood style May 8, 2008

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DUBAI: On Thursday night, the lobby of the Novotel hotel was overrun by the who’s who of Pakistani society. From film actress Meera outfitted in a snug polka dot top to photographer Khawar Riaz sporting one of his usual white kurtas, to Samina and Usman Peerzada looking as elegant as ever, the stars of the film, fashion and television world had all gathered for the Lux Style Awards.

As model ZQ laughingly remarked: “It’s just so wonderful to see everyone together in one place.” Designer of Sublime, Sara Shahid, said that if nothing else, the Lux Style Awards had provided her with the opportunity to meet many fashion personalities she had previously only heard of. The mood was tense yet speculative as a few hours before the event, designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, blatantly admitted that he had no hopes of winning while Maheen Kardar Ali of Karma said that she was very hopeful. Meanwhile model ZQ refused to talk about the event and Board of Governor member Yusuf Sallahuddin was endlessly pestered to reveal the secrets of the envelope.

The results of the awards ended up creating quite a stir in the audience with more than a few shockers. The most surprising award was probably Best Fashion Photographer, which went to photographer Usman Saeed even though Rizwan Baig of Deevees or Ather Shahzad had been touted as sure-shot winners. One could also hear gasps and exclamations from the audience when Karma were declared the Best Women’s Wear designer over designers like Sana Safinaz who have many years of more experience than they do. However there were no surprises in the Best Hair and Makeup category which went to Nabila Maqsood, the Best Menswear designer which went to Deepak Perwani for the second time in a row, Best Bridal Wear designer which went to Faeza Samee (making it her second award too) and Best Male Model which went to Daniyal Arshad.

Though ZQ was a hot favourite in the Best Female Model category, many felt that the award was going to go to Eman Ali and so it was a pleasant surprise to see Zainab Qayum walk away with the statuette.

The most shocking results were the Viewer’s Choice Best Television Actress and Best Television Actor awards where Aamina Haq and Hummauyun Saeed walked away with awards while senior performers like Sania Saeed, Bushra Ansaria, Abid Ali and Faisal Qureshi looked on. There were fewer surprises in the Best Film Actor category where Shaan won for ‘Commando’ and the Best Film Actress category where Zara Sheikh was the winner for ‘Laaj’.

As expected the Best Music Album/Band went to Ali Zafar for ‘Hukka Pani’ and the Best Music Video award went to Shoaib Mansoor for ‘Anarkali’.

Whilst most celebrities just swept in on the day of the show, the stars of the show had been rehearsing for a few days prior to the actual event. This explained their puffy eyes and aching muscles, for as television actress Sadia Imam said: “I am so exhausted because the Indian choreographer has been working us tirelessly.”

Who were the stars of the show? The five beauty icons, fashion models Zainab Qayum and Aamina Haq, television actress Sadia Imam and film actresses Sana and Reesham. Each beauty icon was given a separate segment in the show, portraying a distinct aspect of beauty. The show began with Sadia Imam’s rendition of the power of beauty where she performed alongside the Shaolin Monks from Beijing: a riveting mixture of martial art moves and modern dance, this segment was a powerful start to the Lux Style Awards 2007.

The next segment dealt with the passion of beauty aptly narrated through the story of Mumtaz Mahal enacted by Reesham. The performance took the audience through the story of Mumtaz Mahal falling in love with Shah Jehan to the construction of the Taj Mahal and was a touching rendition of a legendary romance. The main objection that many in the audience had to this segment was the fact that the soundtrack of ‘Devdas’ was used as opposed to local music. “Are they trying to tell us that we don’t have sufficient talent in our music industry?” asked Tauqeer Ahmed who is the publisher of two fashion magazines.

From the subcontinent to the pyramids, the next segment dealt with the mystery of beauty with Zainab Qayum playing the role of an Egyptian queen. In complete contrast to the mystical Egyptian dances in this segment were the thumkas and matkas of the ‘romance of beauty’ segment presented by film actress Sana. The last segment explored the ‘celebration of beauty’ with Aamina Haq and a troupe of dancers presenting the Latino segment.

While the main attraction of the night were these five segments, equally entertaining performances were put in by singers Fakhir Mehmood (who revised one of his songs especially for the Lux Style Awards), Strings, who had the audience singing along to their popular hits, and Ali Zafar who threw the organizers into a frenzy by jumping off into the audience impromptu. But though our music stars did us proud, it was Indian sensation Sonu Nigam who carried the night. Sighs of, “I wish he had stayed on longer,” could be heard from many in the audience.

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra was also a hit with the audience since her performance was in many ways head and shoulders above the rest.

While film, television and music were all important components of the Lux Style Awards 2007, it was at the end of the day, a night to celebrate style. Stylist Tariq Amin was responsible for styling all celebrities for the night and he did a fantastic job by ensuring individual looks for each star. On display at the red carpet were clothes by designers Sara Shahid, Sana Safinaz, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, Karma, Nickie Nina, Beegee, Nilofar Shahid, Deepak Perwani, Yasir Saeed and Ather Ali Hafeez.

As the show neared its end, discontent and disapproval was in the air and many could be heard complaining about either the event or the judging system. Yet few can disagree with the fact that the star of Pakistani fashion and glamour has hardly shone as brightly as it did in Dubai that night.



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