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Movie shines light on India-Pakistan relationship May 10, 2008

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Source: CCTV.com
05-08-2008 09:44

A film produced in Pakistan shines the cinematic light on cross-border life between Pakistan and its neighbor India. “Ramchand Pakistani” shows how a family becomes hostage to the bitter political relationship between India and Pakistan.

Photo: “Ramchand Pakistani”

“Ramchand Pakistani”, is a film based on actual events that took place between India and Pakistan in 2002. it won critical acclaim at the Tribeca Film Festival. It stars one of India’s most internationally acclaimed actresses Nandita Das and was written by Pakistani born Javed Jabbar.

Javed Jabbar, writer, said, “I heard about this remarkable episode where an eight year old child and his father accidentally cross the Pakistan-India border at a time of very critical tension war like tension and they disappear from the life of the mother of the child and the wife of this husband and this story came to a climax when completely out of touch with each other for over several years they return to the home village as part of the peace process.”

Photo: “Ramchand Pakistani”

Actress Nandita Das, plays the mother who struggles to survive without her family. Das was moved by the performance of her co-performer acting of the boy Navaid Jabbar who portrays Ramchand in the film.

Nandita Das, actress of “Ramchand Pakistani”, said, “Well the kid is really the hero of the film. The story is but there are two small kids and they are just phenomenal. They really carry the film forward.”

After opening to critical acclaim in New York, “Ramchand Pakistani” will continue to make the rounds of the North American Film Festival Circuit before heading to Europe.

Actress Nandita Das attends the premiere of
‘Ramchand Pakistani’ during the 2008 Tribeca
Film Festival on April 28, 2008 in New York
City. (Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images
for Tribeca Film Festival)



1. emee786 - May 11, 2008

I would love to watch the movie ASAP.
Kudos to Mehreen for making such a superb film.

2. muhammed ansari - May 11, 2008

she has been getting good reviews through out so lets see

3. Bharat Marks - May 12, 2008

Good One and Thanks for the info

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