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Profile: Neeli May 12, 2008

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Neeli (Urdu: نیلی) is Pakistani film actress.

Neeli is considered a very talented actress of Pakistan film industry and acted in both Urdu and Punjabi films. She was married to Actor/director Javed Sheikh, but they later divorced. Her name ‘Neeli’ comes from the fact that she had blue eyes. Neeli worked in very few films and even fewer became hits. However she was one of the best actress of her times.


  • Dulhan banti hain naseeboan waliaan (2006-Delayed re *Kudyoon ko daley dana (1996)
  • Chief Sahib (1996)
  • Jeeva (1995)
  • Jo Darr Gya Woh Marr Gya (1995)
  • Mushkil (1995)
  • Aakhri Mujra (1994)
  • Khuda Ghawah (1993)
  • Katwal (1993)
  • Sher Ali (1992)
  • Darindgi (1991)
  • Kaalay Chor (1991)
  • Insaanyat Ke Dushman (1990)
  • International Gorillay (1990)
  • Haseena 420 (1988)
  • Maula Baksh (1988)
  • Aakhri Jung (1986)


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