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Dazzling Rani (Dec.1946 – May 1993) May 14, 2008

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Stunning Rani who act in both Urdu and Punjabi films and served long time as film heroine in Pakistan, real name is Nasira  She was born on December 8, 1946 in Muzang, Lahore.. She is daughter of driver of Mukhtar Begum, wife of Agha Hashar Kashmiri, after Nasira mother left her alone Mukhtar Begum raise Nasira. Mukhtar Begum, an established artist of her time, had apparently seen talents in Nasira. she arranged dancing classes for Nasira, whose early dance inspiration was surprising. Soon Nasira became an expert dancer.


Filmy Career:

Its Mukhtar Begum that recommended 19-year old Nasira to seasoned film director, Anwar Kamal Pasha. Pasha changed Nasira’s name to Rani Mukhtar, since Mukhtar Begum addressed Nasira as Rani beti, and offered her a minor role of a dancer in his film ‘Mehboob’ in 1961.

Thus, Rani Mukhtar debuted from the film ‘Mehboob’ in 1961.


Later, she took off the word ‘Mukhtar’ from her name and came to be known as Rani.

From 1961 to 1964, Rani worked in numerous movies. With the exception of a few films, the rest were failures. During those days, there were rumors circulating about Rani that she was an average actress at best. she was dubbed a unfortunate actress.


The film ‘Saaz Aur Aawaaz’ was Rani’s first film in which she appeared as the lead lady opposite Waheed Murad. The movie was a success, it was directed by Usman Qasim, released on April 30, 1965, starring, Rani-Waheed Murad-Habib.

 The masterpieces began to flow, as they would in the next two decades.

 Expert film director, Hasan Tariq, was determined to take a chance with Rani, despite her past failures. He worked zealously with Rani and the rest of the film crew and came out with a mega hit movie, ‘Dewar Bhabhi’ , on May 5, 1967, starring: Rani- Waheed Murad- Santosh- Sabiha, status: Golden jubilee. Following the release of ‘Dewar Bhabhi’, Rani became the ‘super- star’, that was always there, but unknown to most others.

 For 32 years, from 1961 to 1993, she was never outclassed. She kept her versatility until her final moments.

 Rani Some Best Movies

 Commander   August 9, 1968

Dil mera dharkan teri  April 26, 1968

Maan Beta September 26, 1969

Anjuman July 31, 1970  Rani- Waheed Murad

Famous Dialogue “Uf Allah hum to kuchh keh bhi nahi saktay”.

Famous songs of ‘Aap dil ki Anjuman mein’, Runa, ‘Dil dharkay mein tum say’, Runa, ‘Izhar bhi mushkil hai’, Noor Jehan.

The film ‘Anjuman’ was named by most critics as the second greatest Pakistani movie, after ‘Armaan’.

Umrao jan Ada  Rani- Shahid

Famous songs  ‘Aap farmayain kya kharidain gey’, Runa, ‘Jhumay kabhi naachain’, Runa, ‘Jo bacha tha wo lutanay kay liye Aaye hain’, Noor Jehan.

 Tehzeeb Rani- Shahid

Khalish  January 27, 1972 Rani- Waheed Murad Golden jubilee

Naag Muni April 17, 1972  Rani- waheed Murad  Silver jubilee

Baharo phool barsao August 11, 197 Rani- Waheed Murad Golden jubilee

Laila Mujnu October 18, 1974 Rani- Waheed Murad Silver jubilee

Deedar November 15, 1974 Rani- Waheed Murad- Shahid Silver jubilee

Dilruba October 7, 1975 Rani- Waheed Murad  Silver jubilee

Naag Aur Nagan March 26, 1976 Rani- Waheed Murad Silver jubilee

Surraiya Bhopali July 16,1976 Rani- Waheed Murad- Shahid

Famous songs ‘Jis taraf Aankh otha oon, teri tasweraan hai’ Nahid Akhtar

‘Tha yaqeen keh Aa yain gee ye rataan kabhi’ Nahid Akhtar

Saheli  February 17, 1978 Rani- Shabnam- Waheed Murad Golden jubilee

Parakh April 7, 1978 Rani- Waheed MuradGolden jubilee

Nazrana January 9, 1978 Rani- Waheed Murad  Silver jubilee

Behan bhai January 19, 1979 Rani- Waheed Murad- Mohammad Ali Golden jubilee

Tarana March 9, 1979 Rani- Waheed Murad Golden jubilee

Aurat Raaj July 12, 1979 Rani- Waheed Murad Golden jubilee.

Budnaam October 3, 1980 Rani- Waheed Murad- Mohammad Ali Golden jubilee

 Her Nigar Award:

 She won a Nigar Award for her superfluous acting for the film ‘Mera ghar meri jannat’ in 1968.

She won a Nigar Award for best actress for the film ‘Sona Chandi’ in 1983.

 Her TV Serial:

 Rani’s contributions extend beyond the films. She worked for Pakistan television, as well.

She appeared in two drama serials, ‘Khwahish’ and ‘Faraib’.

She garnered more fame and added new fans to her long list of admirers.

 Lucky in Professional life but Unlike in Love:

 Rani’s first love was Kemal but could not get married due to some reasons.

Rani married thrice in her lifetime. First to top film director Hassan Tariq who divorced her in the 70s. Just after her marriage with an Industrialist, producer and Babur Cinema owner Mian Javed Qamar from Faisalabad, it was discovered that Rani had cancer. After knowing this Javed Qamer divorced her. During the treatment in London

, she met famous cricketer fast bowler Sarfaraz Nawaz and married with her but later they went their separate ways.


Her Last Days:

 Cancer again attacked her, this time with full force. Rani was rushed to the hospital. Innumerable well-wishers were praying for her life. In the innermost recesses of her heart, she knew that all was over.

At the last days of her life at the hospital’s bed, the only thing that kept Rani going was the wish to see her daughter married off and once that was done, she died just a few days after Rabia’s (Rani’s Husan Tariq daughter) marriage to Dr. Anwar.
After exactly 33 days of Rani’s death, her mother who was seriously sick and never knew of her daughter’s death, also passed away. Rani’s only sister also died three months later.

“This icon of the 1960s and ’70s, lead lady behind some of the greatest films ever made, succumbed to cancer on May 27, 1993, at Karachi. She was only 51 years of age.”





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