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Indian artistes impressed by huge public response May 17, 2008

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INDIAN heartthrob emran Hashmi, Sonal Chuhan and Mahesh Bhatt were warmly received by people at the premier of Pakistani film producer Sohail Khan’s latest flick “Janat” at the Gulistan Cinema on Tuesday evening.
The crowd went crazy, especially young girls and boys, in and outside the cinema, which blocked Abbot Road, as they wanted to have a glimpse of their favourite Indian actor and his renowned companions.

The organisers of the show, mainly Sohail Khan and the management of the Gulistan Cinema, headed by its owner Arif Khan, were helpless after the onslaught to a large number of media representatives, including electronic media, on the arrival of the Indian film stars and director Mahesh Bhatt and his brother Mukash Bhatt. They focused on the vehicle which carried emran Hashmi, driven by Sohail Khan, the producer of the movie. The Indian superstar had to wait in the car for over 20 minutes, with a visibly puzzled look on his face as media people entered into a scuffle and pushing game with security personnel who had been shadowing the guests.

The public outside the cinema was also a constant pain for the cinema management since people on the road almost resorted to gate crashing, but they were controlled by security staff.

emran Hashmi finally addressed the media while sitting in the car. Perhaps, the display of warmth and sentimental feeling was too much to swallow by emran Hashmi as he might not be expecting a thundering response here. Expressing his feeling in few words, he termed it a unique event of his life and he did not hide his emotions by saying that he was speechless over the public response in Lahore. Later, he was whisked away by security people inside the cinema hall with a huge army of journalists following him. However, the media managed to get ‘satisfactory’ footage and coverage of the event.

Even in the cinema hall, the media and his young fans looked after him everywhere and the organisers tried their best to keep him away from their eyes. Sohail Khan tried his best to help the media get maximum coverage of the Indian star but he also had his limits and finally had to take him to the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club where emran and other Indian guests were invited to a private function the same night.

During their stay in the Gulistan cinema, Mahesh Bhatt, who has been to Pakistan for many times and has made many Pak-India flicks, talked to the media at length and expressed his gratitude for the reception. He said he and his Indian friends were impressed by a unique reception by the people of Lahore. On Pak-Indian co-productions, the veteran Indian film director said, “The journey has just started and it’s a very long way to go. But I am sure that now we are on the right path.”

He said governments of both countries had done a lot to promote the Pak-Indian film exchange in the last four years. He said he would soon launch another project, a Punjabi film, within six months since Pakistani Punjabi films were really good.

Talking to The News, Pakistani superstar Javaid Sheikh called it the opening of doors and a breath of fresh air. He said there was no doubt in his mind that now the process of improvement of the Pakistani cinema had begun and the exchange of films was not just one-way street but both industries would benefit from each other.

However, not too many hopes are being pinned on the new movie in financial terms by cine-owners since so far as ‘Race’ has been the only Indian movie that has done a fairly good business in Pakistani cinemas. Nevertheless, Pakistani cinema owners are quite hopeful that “Janat” or any other joint flick is bound to break the ongoing jinx in the Pakistani film industry.


The Jannat hero and heroine see Lahore, Delhi alike

INDIAN film star, Emran Hashmi, said that there was no difference between Delhi and Lahore as both the cities had a unique resemblance.

During an interview, he said that he was really thankful to the Pakistanis, as they had warmly received him during his maiden visit to Lahore.

He said that he was expecting that the Pakistanis were very hospitable but now there was no doubt that they were really very sociable and affable. He said that he was very happy that the premier of his new film ‘Jannat’ would be held in Lahore as his films had done a great business in the country.

I had a deep desire to come to Pakistan as I had heard a lot about charm of Lahore and its culture. He said that it had not occurred to him that he had been travelling in a foreign country as Lahore and Delhi had the same type of infrastructure and hustle and bustle.

“I just want to have an interaction with the people and the premiere of the film is just a pleasant pretext,” he said. He added that he would try his best to perform such sort of roles, as they would be acceptable to the film-lovers hailing from both the countries.

He said that he would also change his performance style, as he would like to work on subjective plots rather than on any superficial story. At the time of release of the film ‘Murder’, he said that the female audience had shown a great aversion to the basic concept of the film as some of the songs suggested that the film could be obscene.

However, later on, the female audience thronged the cinemas when they found that the story was about a woman who had been in conflict of romance and fidelity. He said that such films could also guide the people to spend their lives while keeping in mind the established moral and behavioural principles.

He said that he had also attempted to perform role of a mature character in the film ‘Awarapan’. He said that his new film, ‘Jannat’, had no obscene scenes so the Pakistanis should go to watch the movie for the sake of art while it would also encourage the Indian film artists to perform again for the Pakistanis.

He hoped that he would succeed to mark his name quite soon in the film industry while claiming that he had already achieved a lot of fame and recognition in the very early years of his career. He said that all other Indian film heroes including Shahrukh and Salman had spent almost decades for fame and recognition and he was confident that he would accomplish the task very early.

The famous Indian producer and director, Mahesh Bhatt, said that the Indian producers and directors were keen on shooting their films in Pakistan as the country was rich in natural scenery and landscapes, which could help boost regional film industry across the world. He hoped that the governments of both the countries would extend cooperation in this regard.

He said that the film industry relations between Indian and Pakistan had seen an unprecedented rise as the films made and directed by the Indian and Pakistani producers and directors were being screened across the border while attracting a large number of the film lovers to the cinemas.

He maintained that he had no problem with the Pakistani censorship policies as the Indian directors and producers would not have any problem to see editing of their films according to the censorship boards of both the countries. He said that the Indian and Pakistani filmmakers had been working in complete coordination with one another for last four years as the joint productions of both the countries had received a tremendous applause from the people across the border.

Replying to a query about suggestions for improvement of the Pakistani film industry, he said that the Pakistani government and the film producers should realise that the other countries were rapidly progressing in every field and they should strive to expand their film industry too. H e said in this respect, foreign filmmaking companies and directors should be allowed to work in the country without any restrictions.

He said that he would be ready to make joint Indian and Pakistani films in which he would take ninety per cent Indian and 10 per cent Pakistani actors so that they could work in a better environment with a visible competition in the film industries of both the countries.

Sonal Chohan, the new Bollywood actress and heroine of the film ‘Jannat’, which was a first film of her career, said the film premier would be a birthday gift for her as it was her birthday on Tuesday.

She said that she was the first one who had joined the film industry and it was really difficult for a new actress to step into the industry when she did not have any family background in this profession. She said that Mahesh was doing a great job as he had always been on the talent-hunt, which had helped a lot of actors and actresses to make their way to the Bollywood with a great ease.

“I had always been eager to visit Pakistan as I was curious about the culture of the country,” she said, while adding that she was also keen on observing Islamic values and religion very closely.

She said that her visit to Lahore had provided her an opportunity to meet the Pakistani people besides having knowledge about Islam. She said that India and Pakistan had a great similarity as she was feeling as if she was moving around Delhi while staying in Lahore.

She hoped that her first film would be a record hit, as its premiers would be held in both India and Pakistan.

She said that the Pakistani singers were really very talented as their songs were frequently sung by the Indian people. She said that both the countries should promote joint films in the future so that the artists of India and Pakistan could help bring about harmony and peace in the region.



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