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Sadiyya One More Pak-India Partition Movie May 19, 2008

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Sadiyya (1947-1970) Love has no Boundaries”


This new movie Sadiyya  has adopt beautifully Social Drama of Pakistan India migration of 1947.

Casting Hema Malni, Javeed Shaikh, Rakha, Reshi Kapoor, Losahna(Son of Shatro Gun Sahna), Farhana(Uk base Kashmiri girl) Shakil Siddiqui

Music Adnan Sami

Producer / Director Raj Kanwor

Realease may be 8 July 2008


Story Line “Javeed Shaikh and Hema Malni lost their son Losahna when they migrate in 1947 from India to Pakistan. Rakha and Reshi kapoor find a kid (Hema and Javeed lost son) in refuge camp when they migrate from Pakistan to India. They adopt that kid as their son.

After 20 years Hema and Javeed find their son in Mumbai Rekha and Rashi home as their adopted son, here film have so much, emotional and tragedy drama.”   







1. Business Law Pakistan - May 25, 2008

All these joint activities like movies is ok but remember we need to be very careful that these things should NOT dilute Pakistan’s identity, integrity, values and above all the legacy of why Pakistan was carved out of India!

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