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Man of Kiss-mat and his mentor May 21, 2008

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The actors of this week are Mahesh Bhatt and Emraan Hashmi. Mahesh Bhatt is the man and mind behind another face that we have come to appreciate for a range of on-screen antics, mostly starting with a ‘k’ – kiss, kill and be kicked around.
By Rajeev Nair
Actor of the Week - Emraan Hashmi
Mahesh gave Hashmi the star quotient. Mahesh operates the strings of performance or non-performance, and Hashmi obeys like a willing plodder.
Emraan Hashmi has everything to gain and Mahesh Bhatt has nothing to lose.
Together, they are giving the Chopras and Rajs, and the Khans, if not a marathon-run for money, definitely, a worrying 100-metre dash.
There has to be a mind that laughs at all of us behind the Mahesh Bhatt factory of films. The man simply seems to revel in poking at the system. He continues to be defined as one of the more original Bollywood minds, and yet he has no qualms in ripping off Hollywood films to suit the Bollywood mindset.
When other Bollywood veterans continue to ‘dream’ and ‘aspire’ to ‘connect better’ with Pakistan, he just walks ahead and does it: His latest factory line production Jannat, directed by Kunal Deshmukh, features Pakistani actor Jawed Sheikh as the anchor villain.
Emraan Hashmi, the true protégé of Bhatt’s Vishesh Films, is the closest we will ever get to see a Mahesh Bhatt enacting the roles he writes, corrects, creates and recreates.
Emmi Boy is the Mahesh Bhatt we missed on screen.
It is no wonder therefore that Emmi exudes a bit of the (in)famous Mahesh ‘devil may care’ attitude, which helps him stay apart from the Khans, and yet (as the cliché goes) ‘carve a niche’ for himself.
His niche, let us be fair, is not that he ‘smoooooooooches’ his heroines on-screen. Aamir Khan does it. Hrithik Roshan does it. Kamal Haasan does it. Mohanlal might love to do it. No, his success to a large extent comes from the perfect packaging of Bhatt that quite often works… and works well, indeed.
‘Jannat’ is no different. Imagine! In these days of hype, hero-worship, television, cricket, blogs and what not, one actor is staying put after five years in Bollywood as a bankable bet with his grizzly looks, one kiss in two-and-a-half hours and playing the underdog. That is Emmi for you.
There is nothing in ‘Jannat’ we haven’t seen or heard: Money is the only moral of the hero, the heroine is less skimpy in attire but doesn’t mind a live-in relationship (the modern Indian girl??), the songs are vintage Pritam with some across the border sounds, and the plot is rather thin.
Other directors (without the support of a Bhatt) would have dragged the audience under the cold depths of boredom with the story-line of ‘Jannat’. Yet the film works to gain a two or two-and-a-half star rating because of Emmi (or because of Bhatt).
Emmi has an endearing quality that does not intimidate the average cinemagoer. If you set aside whatever moral, emotional and intellectual baggage that you have with you for a few hours, you might relate to Emraan – his kisses (for sure) and his dreams.
That is success of this young man as an actor. And the fact that there is a ‘former’ director who sits in his office and remote controls a factory-line of films, and cares two hoots to reviewers, critics and the industry veterans.
For your cheekiness, Mr. Bhatt, take a bow!
For that shrug in ‘Jannat’, when your on-screen fiancée spills it all to the police, Emmi, Mr. Hashmi, take another!


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