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Mahesh Bhatt to make a movie covering both Punjabs May 25, 2008

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One of the Bollywood icons Emraan Hashmi, a “new arrival” in the Indian film industry Sonal Chauhan, and Pakistan-familiar film producer and director Mahesh Bhatt visited Lahore for the premier gala of Indian Jannat held in Lahore.

Though the main purpose of the visit of this delegation, which landed in Lahore at Allama Iqbal International Airport, was to attend the world level launched Jannat’s premier show-as the film is also being screened in Pakistani cinemas at the same time – but Bhatt also tried to open some more talks on co-productions with Lollywood filmmakers. Exclusively talking to Instep, Bhatt stressed upon the need to have more and more joint ventures and across border screening of Indian and Pakistan films.

“This is not first time that I have come to Pakistan,” he said, adding, “Whenever I come, I try to extend the Bollywood-Lollywood cooperation.” He said there was need for more joint ventures. “Particularly, there must be films made by and for the Punjab, on both sides.”

Bhatt said he himself had started a co-production in Punjabi, covering both sides’ Punjab. “This Punjabi film would extend the ties between the Punjab on both sides and can help in exploring the rich culture on both sides,” he viewed. He said though there was cooperation of both sides’ government in the screening of the movies but this should be at higher level to further improve ties. He was of the view that Lollywood could have gotten an opportunity to learn from Bollywood, one of the biggest film markets of the world. There was no risk and the best could survive in a best way from Pakistan too. He cited the starring of Pakistani actress in Bollywood movies, playback singing by a number of Pakistan singers. “Now, my daughter Pooja Bhatt is making her own film and she has picked a young talent Mona Lisa from Karachi,” he added.

Emraan, on his first visit to Lahore, seemed quite impressed by the kind of warm reception given by Lahoris. “This is nothing but a joy trip to explore Lahore,” he said, adding, “There seems no difference between the two sides’ culture. The roads of Lahore are not different from New Delhi’s.”
Emraan, who considered himself above all his competitor heroes in Bollywood because of his confidence, said no one was bigger in the industry except those enjoy confidence. “And I have that confidence so I am above Shah Rukh Khan and others.”

Emraan, who is known because of his particular hottish roles and also known as “serial kisser” in Bollywood because of such roles, said he also wanted to do something different character and Jannat was one of the movies that provide him this opportunity.

Sonal Chauhan, who has played leading role in Jannat, co-produced by Pakistani from producer Suhail Khan, was also overwhelmed on the kind of response given by Pakistani fans. “I think this relationship must be extended,” Sonal expressed. “I consider myself among those lucky Indian heroines those visited Pakistan,” she said, adding, “This is also a great pleasure that even my first film is being screened in Lahore too.”

A warm welcome at the Jannat premier, with

hundreds of youth-boys and girls-blocking Abbot Road near Gulistan Cinema of Lahore’s cinema market, proved an example to the Bollywood stars about their fans in this provincial capital.

In Pakistan, the Indian movies’ viewers are in millions. Every cable network operator has to air Indian movies for doing a successful business. Millions of CDs (Computer Disks) and DVDs of Indian are sold like hot cakes, every time.

Though the screening of Indian films in Pakistani cinemas was started during General Pervez Musharraf regime but this business started taking some boost in last one year. Awarapan, Taj Mahal, Welcome, Race, Taare Zameen Par, and a number of other Indian movies have been screened in Pakistan, especially in Lahore, in the last one year. While, Khuda Kay Liye is the first Pakistani movie that has been screened and praised in Indian cinemas in the same time.

A number of Pakistani filmmakers are aiming to do some joint ventures with Bollywood but there is also a strong element of Lollywood stakeholders that is feared by the rocking Indian film industry believing that the arrival of Bollywood would sallow the little Lollywood. The debate is going on with the continuous screening of Indian movies in Pakistan and now with the starting of some co-productions in like the recently coming movie Jannat.

link: http://jang.com.pk/thenews/may2008-w…p/article1.htm

Bollywood aims Punjab-Punjab coproduction

Mahesh Bhatt aims to make a Punjabi movie covering both sides Punjab
Emraan Hashmi, Sonal Chauhan praise Lahoris

By Ali Waqar



1. Law Firm Pakistan - May 25, 2008

Personally speaking, all these joint activities like movies is ok but remember we need to be very careful that these things should NOT dilute Pakistan’s identity, integrity, values and above all the legacy of why Pakistan was carved out of India!

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