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Pak scribe’s ‘shameful act’ hurts Tanghdar man May 31, 2008

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Though they deny being romantically involved, former Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh’s recent sojourn with Pakistan’s flamboyant journalist Aroosa Alam at a hill station of Himachal Pradesh hurt the Muslim sense of pride of a Kashmiri man so badly that he has vowed “to teach her a lesson” if given half a chance.

Maroof Khan, a resident of Luntha, a remote village in Tanghdar in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district, on Thursday visited the office of a well-known journalist in Srinagar to lodge his protest against Aroosa’s “bringing shame to the Muslims.”

“How could she do such a thing?” he asked. “She seems to be completely without shame.”
The 45-year-old Maroof experienced humiliation when, he said, a cloth merchant from Punjab on Wednesday called him to his shop in Karnah town and  showed him a recent issue of ‘Hind Samachar’ newspaper carrying a story on Amarinder-Aroosa sojourn near Manali. It said that reporters were kept away from a lavish garden party held at the resort.

Maroof, a labourer involved in extraction of sand and gravel from river Kishanganga and its tributaries back home is an illiterate person. It was the non-Muslim trader who read the newspaper story for him. “He asked me look what a Muslim woman from Pakistan is doing with a Sikh from (eastern) Punjab at Manali. I only experienced shame.”

Both Capt Singh and Aroosa have on several occasions strongly denied they are involved in a love affair. The Pakistani journalist told reporters during an earlier India visit, “Neither I nor Capt Amarinder Singh will change our respective religions as there is no question of our marrying.” She asserted, “We are friends and will continue to be so forever.”

Aroosa is mother of popular Pakistani actor and singer Fakhar-e-Alam, aunt of another famous singer Adnan Sami and daughter of notorious “General Rani” who was Yahya Khan’s mistress and later jailed by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Maroof, as claimed by him, could not sleep for the whole night.

A person who earns less than Rs 100 a day, and who, for financial constrains, could not allow his three children to pursue their studies beyond primary level, next (Thursday) morning boarded a Sumo taxi to relocate to Srinagar to lodge his protest. The return taxi fare and other expenses on travel come around to Rs 700.

The idea of visiting the familiar journalist was to ensure the message goes across to the relevant quarters and Aroosa is stopped from indulging in activities “which only bring disgrace to us Muslims.”
But who told him all this? “Some people back at Karnah told me you are the right man to approach,” he told the journalist. He also insisted that his sentiment should be recorded and broadcast by ‘Voice of America.’ Maroof wants Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and ulema of the neighbouring country “to wake up to this ignominy and call her back.”

He said: “I want an answer from them.” Moving his finger up on Aroosa’s photograph in the mass-circulated Urdu newspaper of Punjab, he said, “I won’t leave her alive if I find her in Kashmir even if that takes me to gallows.”

A Srinagar resident Mustafa Hussein Butt while responding to the feelings expressed by Maroof said, “She (Aroosa) may be left alone. Why should we waste our blood for a woman who has no idea of what she was doing?”

Butt added: “Then Alama Iqbal (Poet of the East) has said ‘Mujhay fikr-e-jahan kyon ho jahan tera hai ya mera (Why should I strainmyself with the happenings in the world. For, who does the world belong to, me or you)’.”



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