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Radiance, Beauty and talent combine as Resham May 27, 2008

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Resham is a Pakistani actress and a television artiste. She is a great actress with immense talents. Resham, with her beautiful face coupled with naughty smile and teasing eyes had carved a niche in the hearts of millions of Pakistani viewers including young and old alike. This beautiful actress, though trapped in controversies now and then, had tasted success and fame in Lollywood and won five national film fare awards in a career spanning fourteen glorious years.

Her films include, “Pehla Pehla Pyar”,Yeh Hui Na Mardon Wali Baat“, “Inteha“, “Chor Machay Shor”, and Tum To Chalay Susral”, “Jeeva” etc. Resham had also appeared in a television series “Banjar”, “ Muthi Bhar Chawal”, “ Maan Sulawa” etc. In Maan Sulawa Resham was height of her acting talent and once again proves she is better actress then just only beautiful face. Because of falling standards in film production, Resham had to keep away from Lollywood for a long time. Yet, the amazing actress is biding her time to prove her mettle once again. She only needs roles that test her acting caliber. Resham had recently declared that she is going to marry her long time friend for the past ten years, Mahmood Bhatti, a Pakistani fashion designer settled in France. On the other hand Mahmood Bhatti, already a married man, is completely overwhelmed by Resham and her love.

Resham Filmography :

2006: Tarap
2006: Pehla Pehla Pyar
2000: Yeh Hui Na Mardon Wali Baat
2000: Reshman
1999: Jannat Ki Talash
1998: Inteha
1996: Chor Machay Shor
1996: Ghunghat
1996: Hum To Chalay Susral
1996: Love ’95
1995: Jeeva

Resham Television Shows :



Sangeeta the Metaphor May 19, 2008

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Sangeeta real name is Perveen Rizvi, she was born in Karachi, proved to be an intelligent girl from her earlier days. Her father, Syed Tayyab Husain Rizvi, provided her a good home environment. Hence, little Perveen’s talents grew rapidly. Her mother, Mehtab Rizvi, younger sister, Nasreen Rizvi and her brother, Raza Ali, were also associated with the Pakistani cinema.

Actor-director Rehman discovered the hidden acting talents of Perveen. He offered her a role in his film ‘Kankgan’. Her name was changed from Perveen to Sangeeta and she debuted in the film ‘Kankgan’ in 1969. Starring, Sangeeta and actor-director Rehman. ‘Kankgan’ was shown in the jubilee cinema, Karachi.

After an impressive start, she began appearing in films.

She moved to Lahore in 1971 and resumed her film career.


 Her Movies:

Garhasti  1971, Sangeeta-Jamal
Ilzaam Sangeeta- Zeba- Mohammad Ali- Shahid

Baharoan ki manzil, Anari and Dil aik khilona Sangeeta

Dil aik Aa’ena’ Sangeeta

Ye Aman November 20, 1971 Sangeeta

‘Waardaat’, directed by Diljeet Mirza. ‘Waaris’ directed by Waheed Daar, ‘Khuda tay maan’ , ‘Khoshia’, ‘Ajda maheen waal’, ‘Muqaddar’, and ‘Joora’ directed by Haider Chaudhry.
The film ‘Naag muni’, spot lights one of Pakistani cinema’s multifaceted talents.

Subha ka tara’, ‘Ganwaar’, ‘Sona Chandi’ and ‘Raja Rani’, ‘Aadmi’.

‘Izzat’ 1975 Waheed Murad- Neelo- Talish- Sangeeta

Ma’ashara, and Aurat aik paheli, Chiragh kahan roshni kahan

Khanan day khan parohnay


Naik Perveen

Shagna dee mehendi

Teray meray sapnay

Mohabbat aur mehengai

Meri zindigi hai naghma

Mastani mehbuba 1974 Waheed Murad- Sangeeta- Kavita

Khalish 1972 Waheed Murad- Rani- Sangeeta- Qavi golden jubilee

Munjhee kithay daawaan Sangeeta- Munawwar Zareef
Pathar kay sanam
Tumsa nahi dekha ,Guddi
and Baat bun jaaye
Naya tufaan, Dewar, Disco dancer, Sauday baaz and Shikra.

New dream to Accomplish:

Having achieved her ambition in acting, Sangeeta moved on to another project—direction. Her first film as director was ‘Society girl’ in 1976.

That also marked the debut of Syed Noor, as script- writer and later he became director.

Society girl April 16, 1976 Sangeeta- Kavita- Ghulam Mohyedin

Mujhay galay laga lo  Sangeeta- Kavita- Ghulam Mohyedin

Ishq ishq  1977 Sangeeta- Nadeem- Ghulam Mohyedin- Kavita

popular song, ‘Ishq saccha hai to phir wada nibha na hoga’
Muthi bhar chawal
1978 Sangeeta- Ghulam Mohyedin- Nadeem- Kavita.

Mein chup rahoon gee 1979 Sangeeta, Usman Peerzada- Kavita

Mehendi lagi meray haath 1980 Sangeeta- Rangeela- Azad, Humayun Qureshi

Aaj aur abhi 1982 Sangeeta- Kavita- Anjuman- Asif Raza Mir

Mian bewe razi 1982 Sangeeta- Nadeem- Kavita Platinum jubilee

Thori see bay wafai 1982 Sangeeta, Nadeem- Kavita Silver jubilee

Jeenay nahi doon gee 1984 Golden jubilee Sangeeta- Javed Sheikh- Zamarrud

Baazi (1st Punjabi Film directed by Sangeeta) 1984 Sangeeta- Shabnam- Sultan Rahi- Rangeela

Naam mera budnaam 1984 Sangeeta- Shabnam- Kavita- Mohammad Ali

Taqat ka tufaan 1989 Salma Agha- Nadeem- Ghulam Mohyedin Golden jubilee

Kaali 1990 Babra Sharif- Ismail Shah

Tayzaab 1990 Gori- Ismail Shah- Ajab Gul- Shaheda muni

Zeherilay 1990 Javed Sheikh, Reema- Ajab Gul- Madiha Shah- Khushbu

Khilona 1996 Meera- Saima- Saud- Shan- Saleem Sheikh super hit

Nikah 1998 Reema- Shan- Deeba- Tamanna super hit

Harjaaye 1998 Neeli super hit

Her Nigar Awards:

Ye Aman   1971 best supporting actress
Society girl 1976 best director
Society girl 1976 best actress
Muthi bhar chawal 1978 best actress
Muthi bhar chawal 1978 best director
Sona chandi 1983 best actress

Naam mera budnaam 1984 best supporting actress


Her Marital Up dawn:

Sangeeta married actor- villain, Mustafa Qureshi. She had a daughter from him.
Unfortunately, her marriage did not work out quite well with Mustafa Qureshi. In times due course, they separated.
Naveed Butt happened to be the second husband of Sangeeta.



Sangeeta, who is in her thirty Nine year of movie career, will most definitely be considered as one of Pakistan

film industry’s true trail blazers.
Working as she did for so long among the film giants, but admitting all the same how temporary she was, just a shadow among the eternities of rock.
But Sangeeta did cast a long shadow after all. She will continue to do so long after her retirement from the films.



 Sangeeta, an adept actress, traded smiles and knowledge with almost every one in the Pakistan film industry